More than 20Million take-away packages are used by restaurants in Sweden every year. The alternatives to plastic available today require a lot of chemicals in the manufacturing and require chemical barriers to resist hot liquids and greasy sauces. These chemicals can disintegrate and accumulate in our body as we consume take-away foods and get into our soil and water during incineration/ recycling. We propose a natural leaf-based solution with zero added chemicals.

Our vision is to remove chemicals altogether from food packaging. We strive to utilize the natural resources in its purest form to be truly sustainable and circular leaving behind nothing. The idea contributes to 4 of the 17 UN sustainability goals. We pledge to act as responsible producers with minimum resources and high energy efficiency. Through the business, we partner with Indian farmers and employ rural Indian women contributing to the economic development of marginal communities.

Medeon Science Park
Per Albin Hanssons väg 41
SE – 205 12 Malmö, Sweden

Abinaya Krishnaraja, Co-founder & CEO
M +46-790483711


Medeon är en viktig life science-nod med sin centrala placering och specifika nätverk som erbjuder en av Öresundsregionens bästa tillväxtmiljöer för företagande och främjar utbytet mellan akademi, det offentliga och näringslivet.

Catrine Pauckstadt
Communications Manager